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What a Board Needs to Know During Rapid Business Growth

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Your company is growing fast, really fast. That brings opportunities yet corresponding change. Learn how you as a director need to work with management to address this quickly evolving landscape: The need for more capital, an ever growing workforce, overwhelmed management, more and increasingly aggr ...

Letter from the NACD Connecticut Chapter President

Dear Members and Friends of the NACD Connecticut Chapter: 

Brexit. Unexpected US election results. UK and European currency fluctuations.  Life and business has been unprecedented and unexpected in 2016.   Our responsibilities as directors have become more complex as we face  new opportunities and challenges.  People are looking for answers and consistency.   Our NACD Chapters play a compelling role as we provide the place for directors to get input on critical boardroom issues and discuss how these new global metrics will impact the boardroom.  Our first event of the year on January 18th titled "Election 2016 The Aftermath:  What Does it Mean for Corporate Directors", will address the current situation in the United States and how it will impact us as directors.   

Our NACD Connecticut Board remains dedicated to creating programs that we want to attend while engineering events that are fun even as times are tumultuous.  We decided that the best way to add value for our members and sponsors is by developing programs on topics that are compelling, timely and important to our current board work and sharing our insights in a trusted environment.   Our 2016 strategy was to orchestrate a robust series of programs, expand our marketing outreach and add new directors to our chapter board.   Our 2017 priorities are a continuation of that strategy while focusing on reaching local board members who have not attended a chapter event and recruiting them to our NACD community.  The addition of ACEM as our administrator facilitates our initiatives as they bring a wealth of experience in association and event management.  Together we are dedicated to creating events that provide valuable education and facilitate networking with peers, including those who serve on the key committees of audit, compensation and nominating and governance.  

You can easily register for all NACD Connecticut Chapter events on our webpage or by contacting Association Administrator Diane McLevy or Executive Director, Jo-Ann Maude

I look forward to welcoming you to one, or more, of our upcoming chapter events.  We’ll bring you the same quality of education and networking that you expect from NACD events.  Plus fun with a trusted community of directors.  Email me or Diane to share your thoughts or discuss involvement opportunities. 

Best regards,

Margaret Pederson
President, NACD CT

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